SeaBreeze Hens- San Leon, Texas
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(Chicks do not have to be pre-ordered.  You are welcome to come to the farm and pick from what is available or place an order later)

You may pre-order your chicks so that they are reserved for you. Pre-ordered Chicks must be picked up or shipped by 2 weeks of age. Price of chicks is dependent on age of pick-up. Orders must include 3 or more chicks.

Preorders for new hatch chicks must be received by hatch date to ensure availability.  All remaining new hatch chicks will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. 

You are also welcome to just come to SeaBreeze and pick out your own baby chicks from those available.

You may also order  birds older than new hatch that are available but you will need to pick them up within 1 week or be available for me to ship them to you within 1 week of placing the order.

I do keep a waiting list for our specialty breed chicks.  Please give me a call or send me an email if you want to be notified when I have Lavendar English Orpington, Blue English Orpington, Splash English Orpington, Chocolate English Orpington,  Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Ayam Cemani, and SeaBreeze Blue Hurricane Easter Eggers.

Please call Melinda at 281-900-0183 or email for more information.

Two Ways to  Order your New Hatch Baby Chicks


  • Go to the SeaBreeze online store at
  • Choose the Hatchdate or  age of birds that you wish to order from.  Choose from the breeds that are available.
  • For new hatch chicks, If you are having your chicks shipped, be sure to add the order shipping charge and Care Fee for each ordered chick.
  • For older birds, if you are having them shipped, please add the appropriate shipping charge.  Older birds will be shipped within 7 days of the order being placed.
  • If you are picking your birds up at the farm after the first available weekend, also add the Care fee for each chick ordered. Pre-ordered chicks must be picked up by two weeks of age. Older birds must be picked up within two weeks of placing your order
  • If you are having chicks or chickens delivered on our normal delivery routes, please add the appropriate Delivery Fee to your order


  • Determine the breeds and how many of each you would like from the Baby Chick Schedule
  • Decide if you are having your chicks shipped or if you are picking them up.  
    • If you are having your chicks shipped, chicks will ship the second Monday or Tuesday following the hatch date. Chicks will be almost 2 weeks old.
    • Chicks may also be picked up at the farm or delivered on our normal delivery routes (small fee applies)
  • Send me an email (  with your order including hatch date, breeds, quantity, shipping, delivery,  or pick-up option
    • Please include pick-up date if you are picking your chicks up at the farm
    • Please include your mailing address and telephone number if you are having your chicks shipped.  I will provide a shipping quote for you.
  • You will receive an itemized invoice from SeaBreeze Farm through Square.  If you wish to proceed with your order, pay the invoice online and your chicks will be ready for you on your pick up date or they will be shipped on shipping day.